60+ Years IBS-DR

60+ years IBS-DR

More than 60 years German Region of the International Biometric Society

1953The German Region of the International Biometric Society is founded in Bad Nauheim with 25 members. The first president is Maria Pia Geppert
1954- 1958

The first five biometric colloquia (1. to 5. Biometrisches Kolloquium) take place in Bad Nauheim in the Kerckhoff institute.
Upto 1988, further 13 Biometric colloquia take place in Bad Nauheim. But with the increasing number of members the Kerckhoff institute becomes undersized for the conferences.


  • The scientific program of the 1. Biometrisches Kolloquium
  • Report from the 1. Biometrisches Kolloquium
1958The biometric journal, today‘s Biometrical Journal, is launched by Maria Pia Geppert (Bad Nauheim) and Ottokar Heinisch (Leipzig). At the beginning the publisher of the biometric journal in the GDR is the Akademie Verlag.

Currently the Biometrical Journal of the IBS-DR in collaboration with the region Austria-Switzerland (ROES) is published by Wiley-VCH-Verlag.
1969The GDR region of the International Biometric Society is founded with 50 members.
1970The „VIIth International Biometric Conference“ takes place in Hannover.
1990Merging of both German regions

The first united biometrical colloquium after the reunification takes place in Marburg.
1993To mark the 40th colloquium 1993 in Berlin an anthology is published

40 Jahre Biometrie in Deutschland [40 years of biometry in Germany]. H. Geidel and R.J. Lorenz (eds.) Biometrische Berichte [Biometrical Reports], Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Region der Internationalen Biometrischen Gesellschaft, Band 1, Landwirtschaftsverlag GmbH, Hiltrup-Münster, 1993.

1995Implementation of the „Gustav-Lienert-Preis“ [Gustav Lienert award] for excellent biometrical works of post docs up to 35 years.
2000- 2001Nanny Wermuth is the first German president of the International Biometric Society.
2002The „XXIth International Biometric Conference“ takes place in Freiburg.
2006Implementation of the „Bernd-Streitberg Preis“ [Bernd Streitberg award] for excellent biometrical works of young scientists up to 30 years.
20071st joint conference of DAGStat (Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Statistik [German Consortium Statstics] takes place in Bielefeld.
20081st conference of the „Central European Networks“ (CEN) takes place in Munich. The network comprises the IBS-DR, the ROES and the Polish Group of the International Biometric Society.
2009Implementation of the „Susanne-Dahms-Medaille“ [Susanne Dahms medal] for outstanding achievements in the IBS or IBS-DR.
2014„We value life! for 60 years“

After more than 60 years, the IBS-DR has now about 900 members and is so in the second rank of the regions of the IBS.

The session „60+ Jahre IBS-DR“

We celebrate the 60th anniversary of our society and the 60th Biometrical Colloquium with a particular session.

Session chair: Hanspeter Thöni

  • Hanspeter Thöni
  • Lutz Edler
  • Jürgen Läuter