City of Bremen

“Moin” in the morning, “Moin” at noon and “Moin” in the evening. Don’t be surprised to hear this greeting day and night while staying in Bremen. The word originally stems from the East Frisian word “moi”, which means “beautiful, pleasant, good”, and has nothing to do with the German word “Morgen (morning)”. But, what else is there to discover in Bremen besides the peculiar language?

First of all, it is important to perceive the special atmosphere around here. Time passes slower in Bremen, giving us the opportunity to stroll through colorful markets and parks, relax in restaurants and bars or to cycle along the dikes in Blockland or through the town. Those of you who wish to rent a bike will find a bike rental station right at the central station.

Whether by bicycle or on foot, the historic district is just one kilometer away from central station, bounded by a green embankment area with a windmill (“Kaffeemühle”). A short walk through the historic district takes you to the most important sights. Keep in mind to watch out for the rivets on the ground.  

Short roundtrip through the historic district

1. The Marketplace

It is always worth taking a closer look at the marketplace or “Bremen’s parlor” since this is where all the important buildings reveal the history of the old hanseatic city. Especially at a late hour, they leave a lasting impression. The town hall of Bremen, built in 1405, and the “Roland” are part of the UNESCO world heritage list. They are a symbol of Bremen’s ideals of freedom. The Roland keeps a watchful eye on the St. Petri cathedral and you should not hesitate to follow his line of vision and climb the tower. If you are searching for the campus, just look out for the “Fallturm” (drop tower) or “Bleistift” (pencil), as it is fondly called by the locals.
With every step during a stroll through the marketplace you also come across the four animals that are associated with the city. In front of the “Bürgerschaft” (parliament) you can hear their voices coming from the ground.
One direction on our way along the rivets leads us to Böttcherstraße and the other direction towards the Schnoorviertel.

2. Böttcherstraße

Right below the marketplace, the golden façade relief “Lichtbringer” (bringer of light) decorates the entrance to Böttcherstraße, an expressionistically -designed street which is only about 100 meter long. It contains gastronomy, applied arts, a Meissener porcelain Glockenspiel and two museums. Do not miss the opportunity to try the regional specialities such as Kohl & Pinkel, Knipp or Labskaus.

At the end of Böttcherstraße, the route leads towards the Schlachte.

3. The Schlachte

At the Weser promenade Schlachte, you can stroll comfortably along the Weser and take a rest in a bar. Feel free to visit the “Pannekoekschip” (pancake ship) and enjoy one of the best pancakes in town. The apparent tidal range on the boat also indicates that the North Sea isn’t that far away.

If you follow the walkway along the river, you will get to the Schnoorviertel.

4. The Schnoor

The old half-timbered houses from the 15th and 16th century in the Schnoor district line up like a string of pearls, which is the origin of the district’s name, as “Schnoor” is low-german and means string. Nowhere else in Bremen, you will find so many restaurants, unique craft shops and souvenir shops as in the oldest district of the city. Take your time and look closer so you don’t miss an alley.
The Schnoor is the last spot on the roundtrip. If you continue to follow the rivets, you will return to the marketplace. However, a worthwhile detour at the Domsheide (where most trams meet) leads in direction of the tram no. 2 or 3 towards the “Viertel” (quarter), which is located only a few minutes away from the Schnoor.   

5. The Viertel

The Viertel is Bremen’s hotspot for the cultural and alternative scene. Here, you will find kitsch, art, theatres, museums and a diverse and exciting nightlife. At day and nighttime, there are always some restaurants and bars where you can rest and enjoy the special atmosphere of this very popular district.

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