Young Statisticians

Young Statisticians Session


The Young Statisticians Session can be seen as prestigious rehearsal. As a chosen Young Statistician, you can present your research in a friendly atmosphere and you have the optional opportunity to get feedback on your presentation (performance, content, layout, etc.). The chosen Young Statisticians will be invited to the conference and to the conference dinner and receive a certificate.

Who should apply?

  • Students at the end of their studies or
  • post-graduate students in their first year.

Your presentation should preferably cover the topic of your master's or diploma thesis. It can also include work in progress if no final research results are yet obtained.

Application and selection procedure

The YS committee of the AG Nachwuchs will decide on the applications. Please submit your abstract to the Conftool and choose the conference track “(Oral presentation) Young Statisticians”. Additionally, send an email including your Conftool ID and a short CV focusing on your studies to

The deadline for uploading your application to the Conftool and sending us your CV is

15th November 2013.

You will be notified about the decision regarding your abstract until Thursday, 28th November 2013, i.e. not later than 3 days before the official deadline. Should your abstract not be selected for the YS-session, you can resubmit your contribution again via the Conftool as oral presentation or poster in the usual conference process under a new session topic.

We are looking forward to your application!